Medical Devices and Biomechanical Design

BioMd is an umbrella. Under it, a group of minds are collaborating to create new medical devices or to explore the behaviour of the human body. Their creations are mainly focused on micro-mechanical design and minimally invasive surgical tools.

Our objective is to reduce the patient trauma after traditional surgical or radiological interventions.

The group is coordinated by Lorenzo Garcia now at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) with connections with several Labs/Groups within AUT but also worldwide.

AUT is an excellent place to pursue your PhD research. AUT is New Zealand’s newest and fastest growing University, one of the world’s top young universities and is situated in Auckland, a multicultural cosmopolitan centre consistently ranked in the top 10 cities in the world for quality of life. At the heart of the city lies a truly international vibration hosting many major events, world-class concerts and festivals. The perfect place to accomplish your doctorate and to start your research career, but also to enjoy the natural surrounding. Auckland has all the advantages of a big city while still offering clean air, golden beaches, friendly people and gorgeous nature.